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Simple Kolam Designs for all Festivities

The kolam is a tradition followed by women folk of Tamil Nadu. The kolam is a type of rangoli drawn using rice flour. A variety of other materials like rice powder, rice paste, marble powder, colored powders, leaves and flowers are also used. However rice flour is the main ingredient used to make kolams. A […]

Wedding Kolam Designs for that Perfect Wedding Occasion

In Tamil Nadu the Kolam is a conventional women’s ritual practiced all along Tamil Nadu. The first early morning ritual is creating a kolam. In the foggy light of pre-dawn the kolam is illustrated by millions of women. It is created in the threshold of the house at the feet of heavenly images in the […]

Sikku Kolam

In Tamil Nadu there is a tradition wherein the women folk of the household get up early in the morning and make a rangoli called as kolam. Kolam is traditionally made of grounded rice that is rice flour. Early in the morning women wake up and clean and wash a patch of land outside the […]

Puli kolam and its religious importance in Tamil Nadu

Kolam is a type of rangoli that is a tradition in Tamil Nadu. It is a drawing drawn at the entrance of a house or building. It is an old practice in south India. In order to draw kolam dried rice flour or other types of white powders are used. There are many types of […]

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