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What is Water Rangoli

When we talk about Rangolis, all that we can think of is colorful designs and patterns, colors, rice, sand, 3D effects and the like. Rangolis can brighten up dull places and that’s precisely the purpose of making them, especially during festivals. They add color and life to religious functions, making them an integral part of […]

What is Acrylic Rangoli

  Rangoli is mostly known as Kolam. This is a very old folk art which is famous in India. Rangoli patterns are created on the floor, sand pits or even outdoors and the kind of materials which are used are coloured rice, flour which is dried, coloured sand or even dry petals.  Rangoli is created […]

Top 10 Rangoli Designs

Rangoli is a beautiful combination of diverse colors and is deeply connected with the roots of Indian culture. It basically displays a perfect harmonization of various colors with spectrum of symbols, geometric patterns and motifs, largely found at the entrances of home during festivals.   Let’s have a look at the top 10 Rangoli designs: […]

Different Types of Rangoli

The diverse culture of our motherland India is aptly represented by the vibrant and various colours used in making a rangoli. Rangoli is a colourful design pattern which is loaded with colour and is based on any particular theme or pattern.   They are known by different names such as Chowk Purna in Madhya Pradesh, […]

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