Rangoli Patterns

Rangoli is basically an art by making colorful designs over the door or at pooja rooms and doorsteps. Women from India makes Rangoli at there home’s doorways so the entrance of the home looks good like a heaven. Different designs of Rangoli makes people and family members happy. some of Rangoli patterns made at homes are made with so easily available goods like rice power, floor, turmeric, spice and home made colors which are used at Holi (the color festival of India) festival.

Rangoli is an art by women in India. kitchen stuff are used to make good Rangolis. Rangoli designs are usually drawn with chalk power and or rice powder which are easily available at Indian Hindu homes. Rangoli is usually drawn with chalk and dry rice powder, although most often a fine gravel powder is used as a cheap and easy substitute for the rice powder.

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  • i am interested in rangoli. pls can you send me your album for referance on my mail id

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  • nice rangoli

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  • please send me some latest pictures of rangoli on my mail id.

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  • i am also rangoli designer. how to add my rangoli desings. i have made lots of desing in rangoli. pls do the needful.

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