Rangoli Quotations

Rangoli Quotations :

Rangoli is a fabulous hand drawing art of India. it is a way to express imagination. In India Rangoli is most famous as art of colors. female during festivities and weddings make rangoli designs for welcome to guests. On ritual occasion or festival people welcome to goddess or god to come their houses with good health, wealth, peace ad fortune.

Rangoli is a beautiful art which just need a proper planning before making of designs on floor or walls. There are various theme uses according to festival or event requirement. However, rangoli is a way of beauty of festivities or occasions, therefore there are many quotations about rangoli designs.

Famous Quotes on Rangoli :

  • “Rangoli is a colorful art”
  • “Rangoli enhance beauty of occasion”
  • “Rangoli is one of the finest art by Indian Women”
  • “Celebration of diwali without rangoli cannot be imagine” etc
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