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God Krishna Rangoli Design

God Krishna’s Cow Rangoli: Rangoli is a formation of various designs with colors on floors or walls. It is an ancient home art. It is based on imagination power of designer. Normally it is a female designing art of colors. in India it is most popular as a part of religious activities or celebrations. In […]

Fish Rangoli

The Fish or Matsya (Hindi) is a sign of rivers Yamuna and Ganga in Hindu religion. But originally it is meant as a fortune in various religions like Hindu, Buddhism and Jainism. It is also a part of eight symbols of Buddhist. As a sign of Buddhist it teaches us that a person who practices religion or […]

Flower Leaves Rangoli

Rangoli is a very ancient and traditional folk art of India. it is a creative type of art in which a person who forming Rangoli patterns just have to use his brain or imagination power. Rangoli in India is a symbol of welcoming of guest in houses and also a sign of invitation to deities […]

Lotus Kolam Design

Lotus kolam is another beautiful design of rangoli. Rangoli is a gorgeous human art. It is popular in India from olden era of human beings. Rangoli in southern parts of the country is known as a name of Kolam. Kolam is a fabulous art which has no need of expertise of artists. It is a […]

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