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Bharat Mata Rangoli Design by Ganesh barman of Jabalpur – Indian Traditional Rangoli

Rangoli Design on theme of┬áProud to Be an Indian: A young person Ganesh barman from jabalpur has send us his rangoli pics. this rangoli was related to indian pride, our bharat mata. you can see a face of lady in these rangoli photos. rangoli was made with theme of three colours white, green, and safroon […]

Rangoli and Kolam Designs

Rangoli is a popular form of art among Indian women for decorating Doorstep and Floor on any occasion. Rangoli are painted using rice powder, sometimes supplemented by flower petals and other colorful materials. Rangoli are typically painted during the Tamil month of Maarkazhi (between December 15th and January 15th). Basically Rangoli art came from Maharashtra. […]

Rangoli Designs – Best Rangoli Designs

Making a Rangoli is the best way of letting your creativity flow. Housewives and young girls equipped with the right material can easily make rangolis of different designs. In the market you can buy stencils with which you may get the border of the design of your rangoli tailor made. Generally, while making the Rangoli, […]

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