Rangoli Colours

Rangoli Colors IndiaThe Rangoli drawn can be of various colours. White is perhaps the most important colour with respect to the Rangoli. The borders and the basic framework of the Rangoli is almost always made with the White powder. But, the white colour can also be used for filling and drawing certain shapes, mythical creatures etc. the Colour white symbolizes peace, serenity and purity.

Thus it forms an integral part of the Rangolis be it in the north, south, east or west of India. Yellow is another favoured colour in the Rangolis. The colour yellow symbolizes prosperity. Turmeric powder is also made use of frequently as a yellow colored powder.

Chalk RangoliThe Rangoli is drawn all over India at the time of the festival of Diwali. Diwali is the celebration of lights and colours. The primary colour of Red, Blue and Green are also often used while making the Rangoli. Blue could be used to make peacocks. The colours may be derived from natural sources like the barks of trees, leaves, flowers or even fruits. Artificial or Synthetic colored powders are increasingly being used today for they are readily available in the Market.

Rangoli ColorsThe colours like pink, orange, purple may also be used if they blend well with the primary theme of the Rangoli being made. Colours are needed to depict many things present in the Reangoli. Thus, for example if you have to fill the flame of the Diya (Lamp) then you ought to use the yellow or golden colour to show that and no other colour could possibly fit in the flame. Thus the colours of the Rangoli whether from an natural or an artificial background are sure to leave you with a Rangoli to remember.

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