Top 10 Auspicious Rangoli Symbols

Top 10 Auspicious Rangoli Symbols:peacock-rangoli-design

When you talk about rangoli designs, there are ample of options available in terms of geometric patterns, dotted figures, religious symbols and adornments. It’s just a matter of choice, what you find pleasing and engaging.

However, each of the design, pattern or symbol has its own significance and essence infused with the cultural beliefs based on the festive occasion the designs are created.

Amidst the endless options available for rangoli designs, the top 10 auspicious rangoli symbols are as follows:

  1. Horse: The design of a horse is considered to signify strength, power and energy that drive the emotional aspects of life. These components are known to drive the passion and desire of human life amidst the royal lifestyle.
  2. Elephant: The auspicious symbol represents abundance and wisdom and beholds the aura of Goddess Indra.
  3. Snake: This rangoli symbol is known to add the essence of fertility to a rangoli design. It represents time and radiates the significance of time with full power and energy.
  4. Bull: Popularly known as the vehicle of Lord Shiva, this auspicious symbol used for rangoli designs represents the eternal power of Lord Shiva and forces of reproduction.
  5. Peacock: No doubt, this is one of the most beautiful symbols used for rangoli designs. The symbol speaks beauty in itself and is known to be the vehicle of Saraswati. This is why many people create this symbol so as to invite Goddess Saraswati.
  6. Parrot: This rangoli symbol is often found to be an essential part of wedding rangoli. This is mainly because it denotes the sensual desires and marks a beginning of love and human connections in marriage.
  7. Swastika: This is one of the ancient form of rangoli symbol that is carried from generations and till date holds its significance of being the most auspicious and religious rangoli symbol. It is strongly believed that the Swastika is a home to all supernatural powers that radiates from the bindu at the centre. It is also said that the four arms moves into all directions including North, West, East and South with moving forces and powers in all directions. It is also believed to be a home to all gods and so people create this symbol to ensure that they are able to please and invite gods and their powers for the betterment and good of their houses.
  8. Kalash: This denotes the creation of life because all life is known to initiate from water. An empty pot is the base that we all call the world and the water filled in the kalash is life that generates from that pot and spreads all around.
  9. Lotus: This beautiful symbol has many legends associated with it in terms of cultural significance. The symbol purely signifies auspiciousness and eternal connection with the heavenly powers.
  10. Fish: In a rangoli, fish is believed to be a symbol of prosperity and good luck. These are mainly drawn with a spectrum of beautiful colors to make it more inviting and enhance its aesthetic significance.

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