What is Water Rangoli

When we talk about Rangolis, all that we can think of is colorful designs and patterns, colors, rice, sand, 3D effects and the like. Rangolis can brighten up dull places and that’s precisely the purpose of making them, especially during festivals. They add color and life to religious functions, making them an integral part of the Indian culture. That is why when you talk about Rangoli, you think of it as ancient art forms.


There are various forms of Rangolis and one of them that is really picking up these days is the Water Rangoli. Water Rangoli is one of the most beautiful types of Rangoli created on a plate well coated with oil. Then the design is created and poured in the glass of water. It gives a 3D effect and is amazing to watch. There are a lot of variations that you can play with while creating Water Rangoli. You can make use of turmeric powder, rice flour, kumkum, finely cut grass, rose petals or marigold petals. You can also use colored rice as per your own creativity. There is no fixed rule as to going about creating Water Rangoli. You can choose your own imagine powers to create the same.


Creating Water Rangoli is something very interesting to do because most of us are used to drawing our Rangolis over the sand or on the ground. Creating an underwater Rangoli is a simple task.


The first step involves selecting a design. A common advice for beginners is to choose a simple design. With practice, you can go in for some intricate ones. Once the design is chosen, you have to decide the colors that you will be using. You can either draw with using white color or pick a combination of colors to draw the design for Water Rangoli.


Then choose the glass bowl using which you will put the Rangoli underwater. Make sure to fill the bowl to give 3D effects as the bowl is transparent and contains water in it. Then you can proceed by putting water in that bowl.


After this, use a transparent plate over which you have to make the Rangoli because transparent plate makes the Rangoli look more beautiful. Make sure that the plate is clean before you start drawing. Because water or oil don’t mix, is advisable to coat the plate with sufficient oil. Then draw the design and let the powder or sand suck up all the oil by keeping it like that and waiting for some time. The powder shouldn’t spread and that is why it is recommended to use plenty of oil to keep the powder moist from the sides.


Once all this is accomplished take the plate and place it in the bowl at the foundation of the surface. Nothing will happen to the design, as there is ample oil. What you will witness now would be the most spectacular sights to witness. The water gives the design an amazing 3D effect and makes the whole Rangoli look realistic. Thus, Water Rangoli is one of the easiest and most elegant designs of Rangoli that you can witness.



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