Rangoli Art in Bengal

Rangoli Art in Bengal:

The art of rangoli has many names and the names vary from state to state. In Bengal it is named as Alpana. This is drawn with help of delicate deigns.

There are many names of rangoli designs in different states and it is known as Alpana in Bengal. It mirrors the art of the people from Bengal. Women draw this in early morning and these designs are the symbol of their art and culture. In polutBengal the women draw only small delicate designs that can grab your attention quickly and easily. The word Alpana has two forms. This is found out with the Sanskrit word ‘Alimpana’ that means to ‘cover with’.

The other form has its roots with the word ‘Alipana’ that means the ‘art of making embankments’. These designs are tiny and fragile.

You can choose from a variety of inspiring rangoli designs of Bengal and get the best design that you can easily draw at the entrance of your home. You can select the design that can be fitted in your space and in accordance to the surrounding. Today we all have very small homes and hence we have to first consider the space available and then decide the size and design of our rangoli.

The art form of Alpana is being practices since ancient times for some festivals or occasions. People generally draw them in their floor. It is a part of rituals and especially they are made at the times of fasts which are maintained by Hindu women of Bengal. On this occasion, the entire floor of the house is painted with this Alpana art. In Bengal the circular alpana design has more importance and it is made as a pedestal at the time of any worship or prayer. If you want to make the Alpana designs then you can make it by using the diluted rice paste, rice-powder, powdered colors, charcoal, etc. You can also use some beads, vermilion, grains, flower petals etc. You can also put some lighted lamps in between the design so that it can shine and look more and more beautiful.

You can make any kind of design or pictures of your choice. You can make any goddess, animals, birds, sun, owl, flowers, tress, or anything that you like. These patterns are created with small piece of clothe that is put in the paste of rice and water. If you want to get the best design then you can explore the top rangoli designs of Bengal and find the best one that you would like to draw. At a time when rangoli in Bengal was introduced the rangoli patterns were restricted to certain motifs encompassing feet of Goddess Lakshmi and lotus flower. However, the latest trend comprise of symbols and motifs including sun, feet of Goddess Lakshmi, rice stem, sindur box, betel, plough, fish and owl.

So are you enthusiastic to draw the Bengal rangoli designs at your place? Select the perfect deign and add adornment to your home on any festive occasion.

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