Rangoli Art in Andhra Pradesh

Rangoli Art in Andhra Pradesh:

Rangoli making is an art of India and it is known by various names in various states.  In Andhra Pradesh it is recognised as muggu. This design is made at the main door in this state.in this state, women get up early morning before sunrise, they make their home clean and draw beautiful designs in order to purify the homes.

Some women also put a red colored powder on their floor and create a surface to put the designs. In rural villages they mix the cow dung with water and spread it on the courtyard so as to make a background for the design. It is believed that cow dung makes the home onam-flowerspure. The design looks very good with a nice combination of dark cow dung and light white rangoli. These are simple designs but further to this you can even find out the top rangoli designs of Andhra Pradesh and choose the best option to adorn your home.

Muggupindi is a blend of calcium or chalk powder so that one can make good designs. These designs are made with thin lines with the help of three fingers. When the festival times come, this design is made with the help or dry rice flour. It is believed that the rice flour can be used to feed some insects like ants. You need not be an artist to draw this design in fact any one can do it.

It needs no skill and expertise. Anyone can do this and there is no need of any professional training. People draw this rangoli on Diwali, onam and Sankranthi. On these occasions, all the towns are decorated with these designs.

They are done with help of white and colored geometric patterns. In this festival, women draw huge muggulu designs in form of their main doors. These are designs made from lime stone or rice flour. They also make use of the Gobbemmalu which is made from the cow dung and they also decorate these designs with flowers. You can easily draw these designs on occasions of any festival or function or if it is your hobby then you can also draw it everyday with simple designs.

So is this the time for festivals to come ? Then do no stay behind and ornament your home in a cultural way. Make it shine with the simple designs that can take everyone’s heart away. Simply select the best design and draw it in the easy way. This is the way you can make your home pure and away from the evil powers. Get the best design and make your home shine.

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