Art of Rangoli in Karnataka

The Rangoli design is ancient form of our culture and it is the oldest type of home decorations. This is the best art of India and is known in the entire world.


The designs of rangoli are one of the best traditional and cultural values in India. In Karnataka it is also known as Rangoli. It is the colorful presentation made near the house and it is believe that the goddess Laxmi will follow the path where the Rangoli is drawn. Laxmi is the goddess of wealth and it is believed that if you draw rangoli then you will get wealth. It is drawn to bring the prosperity and well-being. Specially in Karnataka, these designs are made with the help of small lamps, popularly known as diyas. As these lamps are decorated on the rangoli, it is believed that the entire atmosphere is pure and will be out of the evil power. Rangoli with lamps is the specialty of the Karnataka state and it is very good for you if you do not have practice and skill for normal rangoli. You can draw this lamps rangoli very easily and quickly and it does not take lots of time like normal ones. You also do not have to have much skill and you can make the simple design with the lamps. However, the most popular rangoli designs of Karnataka are dotted designs and geometric patterns. The dotted designs can stretch from a simple 8 dot designs to complicated 100 dots, each holding the power to give birth to diversified designs encompassing flowers, portraits and ceremonial symbols.


If you want a better option and looking for a more beautiful design then you can bring colorful and designed diyas that can make the design more fascinating. They can look good even if you have not lightened them up. Some people also make use of the grain to draw such designs. You can use multigrains and you can use grains of different colors so that it will look very good. This is popularly done at the time of harvest festivals. You can also make this for Diwali festival. You can say that this is a kind of Eco-friendly rangoli. You can make different shapes of different sizes and make it look brighter. You can also make these rangoli on some specific occasions like wedding, any function, opening ceremony etc. Today the painted lamps are being more and more popular and they are getting good demand even from the foreign countries.


So do you want to make your home look beautiful and as well as bright this occasions? Then pick out some lamps and you can decorate your home in no time. Make use of the popular rangoli designs of Karnataka that have its own aura and significance. For a better decoration you can also paint the lamps in your own way and they can add a spark of aesthetics to your beautiful rangoli.

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