Rangoli On Diwali

Deepawali RangoliDiwali is one of the most important festivals celebrated not just in India but also by Non Resident Indians and People of Indian Origin worldwide. Diwali is the festival of Lights.

People burst fire crackers and have a show of Lights to celebrate this festival. During the festival of Diwali, the Goddess Lakshmi who is the Goddess of Wealth is believed to visit the homes of people to shower her blessings. And hence people draw Rangolis outside their houses to appease the Goddess.

Diwali Rangoli IndiaThe festival of Diwali may last from four to five days. One of the days is devoted to Lakshmi poojan(praying to Goddess Lakshmi). The Rangoli is considered to be auspicious for the home. It is generally made before the festival begins. Some families believe in making a new Rangoli everyday during the festival.

The Rangoli is made at the doorstep to welcome all guests that flock to each others houses to celebrate the festival. Most of the Diwali Rangoli designs are circular in shape and have a central element. The element could be a lotus, a diya (Lamp), a Swastika or even an animal like a fish, cow or an elephant. Sometimes the figures of Gods and goddesses may also be incorporated inside the Rangoli.

Rangoli DiwaliDifferent forms of shells and the flower Lotus are drawn to appease the Goddess. The main Rangoli design will be based on points and lines, lines that may be curved or straight or may even have a particular geometric shape representing the design. Thus Rangolis have become an integral part of the celebration of this great festival. Amidst the fire crackers, no Diwali can be complete without a Rangoli being drawn outside your doorstep in order to welcome the visitors and the Gods and Goddesses likewise.

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  1. In this Diwali i want to something do new rangoli designs , so please send your dream or your favorite designs & new rangoli designs on my mail …thanks

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