Know the Art of Rangoli in Goa

In Goa people draw simple types of rangoli as a part of their tradition. It is strongly believed that since years the villages of Goa have experienced the art with all young housewives cleaning the house and then plastering the walls and courtyard with cow dung. Further to this, rice flour was used as adornments.


Moving ahead, urbanization has changed the concept but the traditional art is still alive though restricted to festivals and special occasions. Furthermore, the use of rice flour has now been extended to using pulses, fresh flowers, whole grain pebbles, colored dyes and bits of glass bangles. The themes have stretched from the family deity to plants, geometric patterns, abstract art, intricate designs, mangoes, fish, rivers, landscapes, human figures and ceremonial lamps. The themes like aeroplanes, merry-go-round and helicopter have also been added to the urbanized rangoli art of Goa.


Goa have also experienced a diversified platform for drawing rangoli. Apart from the courtyard and entrance of homes, the possibilities of drawing rangoli has also been stretched to walls, bridal boxes, grain bins, infant cradles and any other things Falling in your imagination. It just follows an urbanized philosophy of vivid imaginations that can transcend the boundaries of creativity.


When it comes to rangoli, a Goan rangoli artist has made a remarkable place in the world by accomplishing the prestigious noble award for his outstanding contribution in the field of rangoli art. The renowned rangoli artist, Arjun Parab, with his skills, expertise, values and wisdom founded the rangoli artists association with a vision to promote the art in different states of India and beyond. Since years he has been organizing rangoli training workshops in different states mainly Goa, Karnataka and Maharashtra. One man in a corner of one Indian state contributes significantly to retain the essence of rangoli art worldwide. That’s why it’s always said that even one man can make an army…it’s all about knowledge, values, strength and courage.















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