Discover the Different Types of Mehndi

mehandi-designMehndi has its roots in various different cultures across the globe. Based on these cultural backgrounds across diverse regions, mehndi is classified into various types with distinctive characteristics. Each type has its individual identity with a unique set of features, patterns and designs.

The most common and popular types of mehndi include Arabic Mehndi, Indian Mehndi, Pakistani Mehndi and African Mehndi.

Arabic Mehndi

Arabic mehndi are simple to create with a characteristic row of design stretching from the index finger to the end of the palm. The designs often include patterns of leaves, veins, flowers and geometric shapes. The most essential property of this mehndi design is that it covers a partial portion of hands or feet. The best part of this type of mehndi is that it gets dried easily and quickly as compared to other types.

Indian Mehndi

Indian mehndi is the most inviting and inspiring form of mehndi art across diverse regions of the world. The design is characterized by intricate designs, mehndi covered finger tips and inspiring row of designs or big dot on the back of hand. Unlike the Arabic Mehndi, Indian mehndi completely fills palms and feet for adornment. Modernization has come up with many more creative patterns of mehndi designs that are often worn by Indian brides. Highly detailed and incredible lines on the palms look awesome, leaving behind an aesthetic value. The most common designs used for Indian mehndi are peacock, chess board, celestial symbols, parrots and portrait of bride-groom.

Pakistani Mehndi

Pakistani mehndi is a beautiful symphony of Indian and Arabic mehndi with black outlines and beautifying designs filled with green mehndi paste. These have characteristic designs with the finest details and are usually worn during wedding ceremonies and Eid. Mehndi is also known to be a trademark of Pakistani women.  The most popular Pakistani mehndi designs are floral motifs, geometric shapes, large dots and fish scales.

African Mehndi

African mehndi in terms of filling or covering the space is like Arabic and in terms of designs and patterns it is quite similar to its Indian counterpart. The most popular African designs include geometric shapes like lines, squares and dots. It forms an elegant mesh like structure on arms and feet and gives an elegant look with a perfect piece of adornment.

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