Art of Rangoli in Bihar

The art of rangoli making is commonly known as Airpana in Bihar state. In Bihar these are not just for decorating your homes but they are the sign of culture and ancient tradition. It is believed that the decorative pictures safeguard a home in village and also make the land more fertile. This is still a regular practice in all homes of small villages of Bihar.

Even today drawing rangoli in Bihar is considered to be an auspicious or traditional way to worship. This rangoli design is not only the decoration of the earth but it is worship of our mother earth. In Bihar these rangoli designs are made up of rice powders, chalk or lime. All traditional and contemporary deigns have a supernatural power and existence.

Apart from worshipping, these are also drawn to welcome the guests on any particular occasion or festival. It also signifies the good omen and so is deeply connected with every stage of our life. There are many patterns of such designs of rangoli in Bihar and you can explore the top rangoli designs of Bihar that encompass portraits of living beings, flowers mainly lotus, leaves, lamps, swastika, rivers and lamps. Apart from these religious symbols like yantras and bindu are also popular among the top rangoli designs of Bihar.

These rangoli are also in form of floor paintings and people draw them to save their houses from evil power. When you draw these paintings you have to ensure that the entire design looks in one piece and there should not be any gaps in between for the evil to enter the home. The rangoli designs can be divided in two types. This decision is made after keeping in mind application and the look. Akrriti Pradhan is a geometry based rangoli and this is specially drawn in Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh on the other hand Vallari Pradhan is a floral based rangoli mainly drawn in Maharashtra, Bengal and Bihar. Vallari Pradhan is a known form in Bihar and displays signs of purity and divinity. It is believed to combine all the positive forces and block the entry of all negative forces.

With any favorite design chosen, the best rangoli of Bihar can be drawn with rice powder, vermilion or fresh flowers. Be it any design, it’s an open invitation to all wealth, prosperity and happiness.



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