Rangoli and Mandana Designs of Gujarat

Rangoli is a human art and the richest part of the human life in India on the various celebration moments and festivals too. It is the drawing art on the floor and prepare by the people according to their imagination. Major women are the drawer of floor paintings on the time of festivals and rituals. They made those designs and patterns of Rangoli on the floor with the help of stone colors or rice powder or other hard colors. Gujarat is the famous state of this art of Women and the celebration of festival with Rangoli.

There is a most valuable or most watch able design of Rangoli called ‘Sathiya’. It is the symbolic figure of the ritual feelings of people and the religious sign of the epic of Hindu religion. Sathiya design comprises with the help of dots and lines. Lines are strained across each other and dotes are put in each fraction drawn by lines. Mostly kumkum or rice dust is used for drawing Sathiya rangoli design. It is the most favorite floor painting design of Gujarat for ritual and religious moments.

In Gujarat people celebrate the festival of Deepawali with the joy and happy moments of the life. They decorated their homes and work places with the colors and flowers to impress the goddess Laxmi. Rangoli is the symbol of welcome of the goddess Laxmi to come their home and brings peace, prosperity and wealth for them.

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