Top 10 Beautiful Mehndi Symbols

Top 10 Beautiful Mehndi Symbols:

Mehndi or Henna is a beautiful component of many cultural and religious traditions across India. It is considered to be a blessing that brings about love and luck in one’s life. There are people who also believe that Mehndi refreshes your mind, keeps your heart cool and delivers warmth to your persona. In few words, it holds religious, scientific and aesthetic significance.
Talking about the aesthetic significance of mehndi, there are endless varieties of designs that can be placed on the palms, hands and feet of a woman and make her look more beautiful.

feet-mehandiAmidst wild imaginations and beautiful creations, the top 10 most beautiful and auspicious Mehndi symbols are as follows:

  1. Peacock: This is the most common and popular mehndi symbol that is mainly used to adorn the palms of bride on their special day. Peacock represents the beauty and simplicity of a woman.
  2. Birds: This symbol for Mehndi holds its significance to connect the human life with heavenly powers and is known to exchange vibes between heaven and earth.
  3. Butterflies: This sign of transformation is a beautiful representation of a chrysalis blooming into a mesmerizing piece of beauty. That’s what a woman looks like on her wedding and hence the most sought after symbol used for mehndi designs.
  4. Parrots: This mehndi symbol represents to be the messengers of love that arouse deep from the core of a human heart and reaches the depth of other person’s heart purely in silence.
  5. Flowers: These are most popular and signify joy and happiness in human life. a bridal hand is often found adorned with this symbol to wish her endless joys, smiles and happiness as she starts her new life.
  6. Bud: This is an awesome option for bridal mehndi because it denotes a new start of life with joy and fertility. As a bridal mehndi symbol, this symbol symbolizes the start of a woman’s new love life with her partner.
  7. Lotus: The significance of Lotus is as pure as the name itself. This symbol represents purity and femininity that awakens the human soul especially women.
  8. Ripples: This is a perfect symbol of human emotions that adorn the palms in the form of running water that invites a new beginning of life.
  9. ZigZag: Most of the bridal mehndi are found with this characteristic symbol especially on the fingers of the bride. This has a simple yet a meaningful essence in the life of a bride as it denotes fertility and abundance.
  10. Chess Board: This is the oldest symbol used for mehndi designs especially on the palms of bride. This form is going on since ages with a cultural significance of representing blissful moments.

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