Rangoli Patterns From Assam of India

The art of Rangoli is a very famous human colorized art of India. India is the very famous place to see the art of colors designs and patterns in all over the world and Assam is the popular state of this culture of India. It is the art which we can see as the drawings of colorful patterns on the floors and walls on the various occasions of Assam.

Rangoli Designs From Assam of India:

The rangoli is drawn to propitiate the local deity to bring good fortune, gladness and wealth into homes. Multi-colored design is prepared on spotless ground. These designs are usually made from rice dust or colorful sand powder. Some rangolis are made from various rich flowers and some are made by whole speck.

Alpana is the famous pattern of this beautiful art of India. Alpana is a structure of Rangoli which is widespread in Orissa, West Bengal, and Assam. This is the art which is drawn on the entrance of the homes or temples or the

Rangoli Art

Rangoli Art of Assam

wedding place on the various happy moments of the life of the human bodies. The Bihu festival of Assam is the famous festival of this state of India. It is a  festival which is organizes on the various parts of this state by various tribes and communities. they all make this festival memorable through the making of this Rangoli art. Mainly it is the art which is popular as the art of women and girls.

Rangoli festival of Assam is one of the most vital festivals in Guwahati; coincide with Bohag Bihu of this state. It is famous in the month of April at Srimanta Sankardeva Kalakshetra to salutation the beginning of the farming season in Assam. Every Assamese knows about rangolis and their permanent occurrence in Indian traditions. This incident celebrates the blond art that has creep in everyone’s lives in the country. It goes without motto that every year dramatic entries are seen to clutch the top places.

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