The Versatile Rangoli Art of Gujarat

Gujarat is known for the beautiful and bright rangoli designs. It is the spirit of their ancient culture where versatility is the soul with a wide spectrum of rangoli designs and patterns.


In Gujarat rangoli is drawn as a part of their heritage and culture. The state is known for unique and delicate rangoli designs. If you want to make use of some flowers then you can make Floral Gujarati Rangoli Designs. These look fresh and lively. You can make a beautiful blend of rose petals and leaves. Have you ever imagined a rangoli designs using papad? Yes. You can also use a unique type of designs that is Papad Rangoli Design. You can make a wonderful deign by using pieces of this delicacy. This rangoli is a unique type of rangoli and it is found only in Gujarat state.


Peacock Rangoli Design is also a type of rangoli design which looks very beautiful with a colorful feathery peacock. This is a free hand type of design. You need to have a good hand on drawing if you want to make this design. This colorful Peacock is surely going to catch everyone’s eyes.


Diya Rangoli Design is also popular type of design. They use diyas as adornments for rangoli. However you can also put lamps in between wherever suitable. You can also place a big lamp in the center and for sure it is going to be the center of attraction. If you do not have practice and want to make a design in minimum time then you can go for the simple Gujarati Rangoli Design. This can be done with the use of stencils. You can make your own shapes and fill in very bright colors in them.


Then there is Ceremonial Gujarati Rangoli Design which is generally drawn for the wedding or any other ceremony. This is a professional type of rangoli. You can make a huge design and decorate it with some lamps or any other decorative accessories. Guajarati people believe in Lord Ganesha and they use his images if they want to start some new work. This rangoli design can be very good if it is an opening ceremony. The beautiful Lord Ganesha image drawn in a center of rangoli is surely going to take everyone’s hearts away.


Then another most important rangoli design of Gujarat is Swastika, a symbol of purity and divinity. This is a very popular motif and auspicious symbol used during festivals, religious ceremonies and special occasions. This design is known to denote a complete circle of life with positive energy being radiated in all directions of life. The perfect combination of colors in this Swastika design can be awe-inspiring.


So do you want to draw versatile designs at your place? Do you want to make others surprised? The Gujarati designs are the best to make the house look glorious. Send an open invitation to happiness, success and prosperity.


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