Kolam or Rangoli Books

bookRangoli or Kolam is an Indian art of designing floor with colors and chalk. On festivals, marriages or any occasion of good mood rangoli or kolam can be made with joy and happiness by women and girls at homes. A lots of Books are written on kolam or rangoli design and making.

Some books have latest designs and patterns on kolam (tamil rangoli). many writers have written Books on topics like religious facts of rangoli, rangoli design of India or traditional kolam patterns.

Books on Kolam or Rangoli are : –

(1). A History on Indian Painting The Modern Period – By Krishna Chaitanya

(2). Indian Art – By Partha Mitter

(3). Arts of India – By Krishna Chaitanya

(4). Trends In Modern Indian Art – By S. K. Bhattacharya

(5). Hinduism and the religious arts – By Heather Elgood

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