Rangoli Underwater – Water Rangoli

Water and Rangoli

Water and Rangoli

Rangoli is one of the fantastic arts of drawing design on floor using rice powder, stone color and flower etc.

apart from drawing on floor or sand, we can draw rangoli under the water.

It is little bit hard but with a proper planning it can be done easily.

Here are the steps for drawing rangoli under water as follows –

1. Decide your design and theme of rangoli to be drawn.
2. Make ready all color you are going to use.
3. Take a glass bowl according to the size of design.
4. Paint a plain or transparent plate using ample amount of oil or distemper that can be placed on the surface of the glass bowl.
5. Apply your design and color on that plate and wait to observing of oil by color.
6. As oil never mixed up with water so it would be secure into the water.
7. Now fill the glass bowl with water and put the plate on the surface of it under the water.

Now see the beauty of 3D rangoli from different angle.

See A video, How to draw Rangoli on water :

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