Art of Rangoli Kolam

Rangoli is the well known floor art of India. It consists various Designs and patterns for decorating courtyards and prayer halls in India. It is mainly drawn by women and girls at home. Some women uses rice flour for traditional medium while others uses sandstone or limestone powder for modern and colorful Rangolies. This art is known as Rangoli commonly in many parts of India. it is known as Kolam in Tamil Nadu.

The colorful kolam tradition is very old and popular. Kolams Rangoli is drawn with crude rice flour. Rice flour indicates an offering to Lakshmi, the goddess of rice and wealth. The goddess gives prosperity and to prevent from poverty. Kolam designs looks very pretty and has eyes charm beauty but drawing these designs is difficult too. Rice floor is main ting in drawing of Kolam.

Rangoli Kolam Art

Art of Rangoli Kolam

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