Rangoli Collection – Rangoli Designs Photos

Many beautiful colorful and detailed chalk & flower designs found on the streets and entranceways throughout India are popularly known as rangoli or kolam.

Kolam (and similar to the pan-Indian art form of rangoli) are intricate decorative designs are drawn by the women in chalk or rice flour front of their hut, house, apartment block, temple, or business place every morning a new. The designs can be simple or very large and intricate.

They are drawn to invoke prosperity, invitation and welcome of guests. Many women or ladies make a collection or a booklet for there rangoli design needs, because of rangoli are made on every big festival or special day. So making a huge collection can help to choose which pattern to draw this time.

How to Make Rangoli Collection :

1. Take an enough big file folder.
2. While reading news papers or any magazine wherever you see good designs cut them and attach that paper to this folder.
3. You can visit internet also to see many patterns.

By doing this, after a little time you can see that you have collected a lots of design and patterns of rangoli or kolams. This work needs dedication but you will get huge designs, and they will give you ultimate happiness.

Image Source : http://www.flickr.com/photos/49226602@N03/4626552276/

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