Best Rangoli Designs

Rangoli is a form of folk art symbolised by beautiful hand-made patterns on the floor of living room, courtyard and entrance for the home. This is a wonderful way to welcome your guests in your home. This can be a perfect entrance for any auspicious occasions whether it is a birthday, marriage anniversary or any house warming ceremony.


Rangoli has been passed as a traditional folk art symbolising the grandeur of our rich culture and heritage form our ancestors. The material used for making Rangoli includes colours, flowers and colourful stones. The colour represents auspiciousness and vibrancies. Vermilion, turmeric is also used along with the rice powder. Rangoli design can be any geometric design which may be circular, square, rectangular or hexagonal. There are many materials which are used for making a Rangoli. Flower petals, colourful beads, stones, pulses are used for making Rangoli. Colour is generally mixed with sand to increase the volume of colour and also develop beautiful shades.


There are various designs of Rangoli available in the market. Internet is flooded with innumerable designs and patterns. But there are few designs which have stood the test of time.


  • Amongst the best designs of Rangoli the list is definitely and undoubtedly topped by the lotus design. The lotus design is basically a replica of the lotus flower drawn on the ground with the help of chalk and gypsum powder. The colours can be filled using different colours. Dots are joined using chalk or gypsum powder.
  • Peacock design is another design which is a hot favourite amongst all. A beautiful peacock is drawn using the chalk and gypsum powder. The peacock is an apt representation of the concept of swagatam into your home, office. The peacock can be filled with colour as per requirement.
  • Another name which comes in the list of the best Rangoli designs is the floral pattern. In the floral pattern flowers are drawn and the colours are filled in them. Flowers can be any ranging from a simple to complicate.
  • Double peacock design is also very famous during the times of Diwali, as this marks a symbol of prosperity.
  • Drawing the Rangoli in the form of deity is also an important design of Rangoli made by the people.


Whichever design and pattern of Rangoli you may choose, always remember that Rangoli is a symbol of colourfulness. It is made to mark an auspicious beginning in your life. Designing and making it with love can add to the auspiciousness of your house and family.

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