how to make rangoli – how to make rangoli designs

Woman Makeing RangoliWhile creating a Rangoli the first thing to keep in mind is the design that you are going to be using. The design could be taken from a design book or a magazine or could be your own personal design. Once the design has been decided you can start making the Rangoli. Now, you need to clean the location where the Rangoli has to be drawn, first with a broom stick and then mop it with a wet cloth. You wait till the area is dry.

Make RangoliYou have to keep in mind as to what the rough dimensions of the Rangoli are going to be and whether it is going to fit in that particular area. Then you have the design ready on a piece of paper. With a pencil you may draw the design on the floor or you may use a piece of chalk if it is available. Now once the outline with the chalk is done, it is time to fill the outline with the Rangoli powder. Using your index finger and the thumb you need to carefully sprinkle the powder on the outline that you had drawn.

Makeing A RangoliOnce the colour has been sprinkled on the outline, you can use a variety of colours to fill the inside of the Rangoli in the design that you had earlier made. While sprinkling the colour on the inside make sure that the powder does not cross the boundaries. Once all the powder has been sprinkled and the design is ready you need to figure out a place where the Diya(Lamp) can be placed, either at the centre of the Rangoli or at the corners of it. Once your Rangoli is done, please ensure that any mischief monger does not step on it either intentionally or otherwise.

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