Famous Books on Rangoli and Kolam – Rangoli Kolam Book

Rangoli and kolam designs are always center of attraction of women. so there are many of books are also written on these topics like rangoli & kolam design and patterns. Some of best books which have information on Indian Kolam and Rangoli designs are listed here. so one can buy these books and get detailed information about them.

You can buy them from various book stores and read them to get detailed knowledge about Rangoli and kolam Designs.

Books on Rangoli and Kolam Design :

Title :
Create and celebrate
Author : Mark Fox
Publisher : Curriculum Corporation, 2007
ISBN : 186366680X, 9781863666800
Length : 64 pages

Title : Diwali : Hindu festival of lights
First Facts : Holidays and Culture
Author : June Preszler
Edition : illustrated
Publisher : Capstone Press, 2006
ISBN : 0736863958, 9780736863957
Length : 24 pages

Title : Art in life: Lower secondary
Author : Joash Moo
Publisher : Pearson Education South Asia, 2009
ISBN : 9810616023, 9789810616021
Length : 184 pages

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