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Rangoli DesignMaking a Rangoli is the best way of letting your creativity flow. Housewives and young girls equipped with the right material can easily make rangolis of different designs. In the market you can buy stencils with which you may get the border of the design of your rangoli tailor made. Generally, while making the Rangoli, the outline of a Diya(Lamp) is used.

The Diya in Indian Mythology signifies Light and light symbolizes Knowledge. Thus the Diya helps to ward off any darkness and move towards peace and happiness. The Diya is sometimes drawn at the center of the rangoli though it may be drawn at the corners of the Rangoli as well.

Rangoli PatternsMany Rangolis make use of the Swastika. Swastika stands for the Sun, which gives us life and is a source of positive energy. While designing the Rangoli, you could make use of geometric figures and shapes like Circles, triangles, rectangles or even the shape of a hexagon and a pentagon. Clever use of lines.

Straight or curved could do wonders do your design as well. The design of the outline or the borders of the Rangoli is generally done with the help of geometric shapes. Though on the inside of the Rangoli, you could have a Diya, Swastika or even various types of Flowers.

Latest Rangoli Design PatternDesigns could be symmetric or anti symmetric. Even small points or dots can be used as the framework of the design ad curved or straight lines can come cleverly around them.

The design may also not conform to any well known geometric shape but could be entirely a figment of the imagination, like a bunch of circles or curved lines intersecting against each other at various points. Pictures of Gods, Goddesses or anything related to them could also be represented at the inside of the rangoli.

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  1. can u chalkout a rangoli design of “swastik”, as per the specifi
    cations given in “swastik punyahavachanam”?

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