Rangoli Art During Festivals and Weddings in Hyderabad

Rangoli Art of Hyderabad:

Rangoli is a fabulous part of Indian culture and tradition. It one of the most important imagination art in which an artist have to be prepare with imagination power. Rangoli means rows of colors. various pictures and images can draw on the floor or walls with various designs and colors. In Hyderabad rangoli is also famous with various traditional things during festivals. Hyderabad is one of most ritual or religious location of India. Hyderabad is very famous for its religious celebrations and royal weddings.

During various festivals women draw various ritual designs at entrance of their houses and walls. They create various ritual signs to welcome their deity during festival moment at their home. they worship their lord with making of rangoli patterns. During various wedding occasions in Hyderabad people also draw various religious images and symbols at wedding place. they believed that rangoli is a sign of happiness and joyous. According to them rangoli invites spiritual power at their home which also bring good fortune, peace and prosperity in their life.

Diwali is one of the most famous festivals in Hyderabad. During this festival of diwali people in Hyderabad designs various rangoli patterns like images of goddess Laxmi, sing of swastika, image of lord Ganesha. To prepare various rangoli patterns they use various elements like rice grains, white powder, cleaning brush, colors, cloths etc. In Hyderabad there also competition of rangoli making held each of years.

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