Mehndi Songs From Hindi Films

Mehndi songs sings on the celebration of mehndi – a unique and auspicious celebration of marriage. On Mehndi celebration women’s applies Paste of Mehndi over the body of bride and groom. They sing Mehndi Songs simultaneously. this songs includes Blessings and love of them towards the Married life of Bride and groom. Songs contains the lovely music and lyrics that could be sing simply with full of enjoy.

Women sits in the group and sing mehndi songs with traditional music instrument like “Harmonium” and “Dholak” . At villages and rural areas women sing their traditional song in their local language . actually that songs are listened by their mother or Mother-in-Law. when they sing these songs in celebration later women also follow them and learn the tone and lyrics of songs.

Bollywood song as very popular to play in marriage of any religion. mehndi songs are have its special part in any Bollywood movie that’s related to our culture and tradition. In Bollywood movie a love story get perfect end by marriage of both. In marriage mehndi celebration is celebrated with a perfect song that not only make this movie hit ,song should keep in the memory and sing by the people forever .
Some popular mehndi song are as follows:-

1. “Mehandi laga ke rakhna, Doli saja ke Rakhna “
Film name : Dilwale Dulhaniya le Jaaenge
This was the movie that break all the record of Indian Bollywood Cinema till now . The best couple of Indian cinema screen “Shahrukh Khan” and “Kajol” was in lead role.

Shahrukh and kajol danced on this song very well on the wedding of kajol in movie. Kraz of this movie could be guess by this that movie is still running in the maratah cinema of Mumbai, Maharashtra.

2. “Na-na-na-na, Mehndi na mujko lagana “
Film Name : Chori Chori
Rani Mukharzy and Ajay Devgan Acted a hindi movie in which Rani danced too good on this song. In this song she is saying that she don’t want to apply mehndi over her becous she don’t want to leave her parents home and go with her groom.

3. “Mehndi Lagaungi me Sajana Ke naam ki”
This song was so amazing and very nicely sung, it is a landmark song of mehndi ceremony, which is shown in this film.

4. “ Mehndi No rang lagyo”
Album Name : Mehndi No rang lagyo
Sung By : Falguni Pathak
A great singer of hindi and Rajasthani songs Falguni Pathak sing this song and video of this song is very rocking that plays in every mehndi and wedding ceremony.

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