Sankranti Rangoli

Rangoli is a very beautiful colored design which are made on floor by women to decorate homes. There is a very popular festival of Makar Sankranti which comes in the month of January. This festival takes importance in Hindu culture because of this is the day to donate things and give some thing to needy people. so this is also a festival and on this day women makes rangoli on there doorsteps of home. This is known as Sankranti Rangoli makeing.

Maker sakranti festival comes at January month. This assure that this day is charity day and playing day. Many people give donations on this day. people give wealth, clothes, food and other things. Beautiful design of rangoli made on the ground, rangoli on sankranti are made by many quality colors, dry flowers powder, chock, rise powder and colors etc.
It is a saying that if a women in any home make good rangoli then god will surely visit the home.

People plays many games with ball on this day. Some of game names are like satoliya, cricket, ram dost etc. people release all the work and goes to play games on this day at playing ground. many beggars come to villages or city to take donation. beggars are very happy for these day. During the makeing of Rangoli design of animals, flowers, trees photos are used to make a good sankrati rangoli. The Makar sankrati is really a very beautiful festival of India.

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