Muggu Rangoli Patterns of Andhra Pradesh – South Indian Rangoli

Rangoli is a colorful and most beautiful art of this tremendous country India. The word Rangoli is a combination of two words first is ‘Rang’ it means the color and second is oli it means ‘rows of colors’. Rangoli is such a most loveable art of India and very famous in this country on various ritual or religious occasions or festivals.

It is also very famous in various social ceremonies like weddings, birth of child, opening of new homes or shops etc. Rangoli is the art which performed on the floors and walls of the homes with the help of various colors. It prepares in various patterns and design too.

Muggu Rangoli Patterns of Andhra Pradesh:

Muggu Rangoli Patterns

Muggu Rangoli

Rangoli is a most beautiful art and way to celebrate each and every beautiful and important moments of human life. It is the art which spread out in all around the country and became a major part of festivals. The art of Rangoli has different names in every state of India. In Andhra Pradesh it is known as the name of ‘Muggu’. Rangoli is one of the well known Indian arts of making designs using hard color like stone and Holi colors. It is much admired art performed by women and girls at doorway, loggia or front of the house particularly in south India.

In Andra Pradesh cultures, all visitors and guests inhabit a very unusual place, and a rangoli is an appearance of this warm welcome. In particular, the Deepawali celebration is widely renowned with rangoli, since at this time, people stay each other’s homes to replace good wishes and sweets. Rangoli also has a spiritual significance, attractive the beauty of the atmosphere and spreading joy and happiness all around.

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