Aripana Rangoli of Bihar

India is the country of wealthy civilization and rituals that present here. Rangoli crafty is very imperative fraction of it. It is the art of conniving patterns on flooring of the home using Rice powder, Stone colors and other

Aripana Designs

Aripana Design

solid colors. It is sounded in a different way in distinct part of India. Bihar is the state which is most important part of this Indian culture and tradition of Rangoli on the different occasions and festivals.

Aripana of Bihar:

There is a fine art of this state Bihar called ‘Aripana’. It is the most beautiful pattern of Rangoli in Bihar. At the present time it has turn into a part of various ceremonies and religious festivals. In Aripana sketch brushes are not used. As a substitute of these, quick fingers are used to make the delicate designs. Though the state Bihar is the famous place to appreciate the moments of various festivals of this state but there is the festival which is celebrated as the fabulous part of the life of people of this state called Diwali.

Diwali is the famous occasion to look the magical drawings of Rangoli patterns on the floors of houses. It is the time of joy for Bihar’s people and Rangoli give them some thing especial to live this moment of life beautifully. Art in India was a type of adoration. It was not at all art for arts sake. Its practice was a part of a religious method. A person drew sustenance through art for his psychological and devout life. And that is how rice, flour and plants were distorted into charming offerings to divinity in the form of floor painting that is ‘Rangoli’. And Bihar is maintaining the human art of Rangoli.

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