Rangoli Borders

Rangoli is Poplar art for decorating wall and floor as well. The patterns in Rangoli are usually taken from Nature like Leaves, mango, flowers, creepers, etc. The colors traditionally filled up from natural dyes.

The materials used for Rangoli consists powder such as rice, chilly, turmeric etc. 3-D effect comes when cereals, pulses either in their natural coloring are used to fill up Designs.

Every drawing in any art is started by Making Border First. It defines the size and secure from crossing drawing area. Border gives first impression on viewers of Rangoli. Border or Outline generally consists Flower, Triangle and curve Patterns. Some artists use the 3-D effect for borders alone while others create beautiful designs using grains and beads entirely.

watch here is a very nice rangoli design which have attractive border outlines around this.  you can learn a lot while viewing only.

See Rangoli Borders

See Rangoli Borders and Learn

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