The Wave of Rangoli Business


Rangoli is an incredible form of traditional Indian art that is winning the hearts and minds of people since ages. Not only in India, but the art has been luring the people belonging to other countries across the globe. With no sketched boundaries and no limitations, rangoli has spread far across and beyond. It has gone beyond its decorative value and religious significance.

If we talk about the present day scenario, the art has created a new wave of rewarding business opportunities. The wave of rangoli business has ventured into the market place with a big leap and is going up the scale with high speed. There are ample of ways people are now earning through the art of rangoli. Some of the most prosperous and rewarding rangoli business are:

Teaching the Art of Rangoli

Teaching the art of rangoli has become very famous because even young generation is now attracted and holds an undying desire to learn the art form.  It is profitable to arrange classes and training sessions for them. Both theory and practical classes can be arranged to ensure that the history and the essence of rangoli is also infused into the learning habit while helping them mastering the art of drawing beautiful rangoli.

Forming a Team of Rangoli Artists

Another profitable rangoli business is forming a team of rangoli artists. This is much in trend these days because women of the houses no longer have time to draw rangoli themselves. However, they still follow the religious belief hidden behind the art and so they hire rangoli professionals to draw rangoli on weddings, birthdays and festive occasions.  These artists are paid well depending on their popularity, word of mouth marketing and their skillful art. So, you can either form a good team or even start a small enterprise for the purpose.

Selling Rangoli Art

On festivals like Diwali, people often buy readymade rangoli to adorn their houses and purify the entrance for welcoming Goddess Lakshmi. Readymade pieces like acrylic rangoli, floating rangoli, lighted rangoli and wooden rangoli are high on sale during Diwali and other such festivals across the country. You can even create imaginative rangoli stickers and stencils to sell them during festivals. Even these are high on demand and give good monetary returns.

Further, there are many more options to think and work on if you really wish to enter the rangoli business. Whatever you plan with it and whatever you do with it, the saying stays true that ‘Older the Art, Higher the Price’. The age old tradition has already tagged a heavy price to the art form and further you can take it up higher in terms of monetary gains and start your own rewarding business.

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