The Presentation of Tradition in a Beautiful Way

India is the only country where the tradition is being preserved. Rangoli is one of the traditional things that is being Maintained by the new generations. People draw the Rangoli designs on various occasions as a traditional and they think it is the best way to show the culture. In India many occasions are graced by these designs like opening ceremony, marriage, party etc. This is a sign of purity and hence it is a must on all the occasions. Many people from outside the country fascinate to this art. This art has become very famous and people have started following it for decoration purpose.

The Rangoli designs are of different types. Some are simple and small while some of them are too large. They are drawn as per the occasions. Some are done with the help of some dots while some are drawn by free hand. You can draw anything you want flowers, trees, animals, birds etc. You can do it in many patterns, shapes and sizes. They are the most beautiful way to welcome the guests. You can be as creative as you can while you are drawing these designs. If you do not have Rangoli colors then you can also make them by using the fresh dower petals and this Rangoli can look very natural. Some articles also draw the main the roads and earn money. They draw beautiful big Rangoli designs and make people happy. Some people make use of the colored rice. After the Rangoli is done, people make use of some simple lamps so that it can look prettier. Some people also do this every day with simple white color. Many children learn this at just as a part of tradition. These days even some foreigners learn this art. People also conduct some classes for these designs. They teach all the designs also teach how to make the designs in less time.

So are you ready to draw the beautiful designs? Then do not worry. You can see these designs from any design books or you can also find them online. You can find out a design that can suits to your home and that can be adjusted in the space. Now get ready with your favorite designs and decorate your home. Let your design be different from all others. Be a part of the Indian tradition. Be he representative of our Indian culture. Let everyone know about your creativity. Be a reason for everyone to admire. Though these designs take too much of time, they look very pretty after they are over. In India also some people organize competition for such designs so that the new generation is encouraged to learn this beautiful art. So now welcome the goddess Laxmi in the cultural manner and make your home look good. Let your home look beautiful in the traditional way! Simply follow the art and make your home look beautiful.







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