Rangoli – A Symbol of Culture And Tradition

In Asian country all the festivals are celebrated with the help of stunning and attractive rangoli designs. All the festivals in the year begin with rangoli and that we are going to talk concerning all the festivals beautified with rangoli. Diwali is that the competitions within which most of the folks create rangoli. However not simply Diwali but different folks additionally try this on other festivals also like onam, sankranti etc. Especially in Diwali folks make rangoli or all the days and they think that the evil power cannot exit and their houses are going to be filled with success and affluence. On this occasion especially folks create the styles for laxmi Pujan and that they believe that the divinity laxmi can make the place wherever the styles are created. They create these styles to greet the divinity laxmi, the goddess of prosperity. Onam is a festival that is being celebrated by the south Indian folks and they make use of the rice flour to draw such designs.

This occasion is additionally distinguished by drawing rangoli styles and small lamps placed in between. They additionally perform dances to make the goddess happy. Rangoli is furthermore drawn on Makarsankranti. This is often made so the negative power will go away and the home will be full of positive energy. Gudhi padwa is often the foremost favourite festival of Hindu people and they celebrate this as the first day of the year. On these days rangoli is created on the ground as a salutation to the New Year. It is the belief of the people that it is a sign of good luck. These patterns are also drawn on the occasion of Ganesha chaturthi and this is much liked festivals of Indians. People bring the idol of Ganesh to their place and do the worship for eleven days. They draw these designs in from of Lord ganesha to make him happy. People also draw these designs on Navaratri. This festival is well known largely by Guajarati folks and that they dance just about it which looks very good.

In India there are also some other festivals which are celebrates with help of rangoli. They are vijayadashmi, bhogi and many more. You can increase the value of your festivals with these designs. It’s not simply the festivals however you can additionally create these designs for any of the functions, weddings etc. You can enhance the glory of the function venue by drawing these deign. So now it’s time for the festivals land you can make them all very good with such designs. Simply get the best designs and add value to all your festivals.



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