Ossa Designs In Orissa of India

Ossa Patterns of Orissa India:

Rangoli is one of most traditional and beautiful art of India. it is an art of designs on floors or walls with colors. it is an ancient designs making with colors. Rangoli means rows of colors which make with white powder, rice grains, colors etc. It is a beautiful art which is famous as an art of imagination. It is based on imagination power of maker, however it is based on imagination but it effects with occasions or purpose of making. Festivals and auspicious events celebrated with rangoli patterns in various state of India. Rangoli is also famous in Orissa state of India. Orissa have rich and beautiful folk traditions. Folk and ritual festivals can not be imagine without rangoli designs in front of entrance of homes.

Rangoli is famous as various names in various states like it is known as madana in Rajasthan, aripana in Bihar, alpana in Bengal, muggu in Andhra Pradesh, Kolam in Tamil Nadu. As like that it is famous as a name of ‘Ossa’. Orissa is famous for its colorful celebration of festivals like durga puja, garbhana sakranti, ratha yatra, vishvakrama puja, chitalagi, basely puja, apara paksha, laxmi puja, deepawali etc. all of festivals famous for their auspicious celebration. Each of festivals has its own beautiful feature with celebration. Rangoli is a one of features of various festivals but is most famous during Deepawali festival or Diwali festival in Orissa. Diwali is a festival of lights. It is quite famous celebration among people. It is sign of victory of righteousness over evils. It is a festival of lights and colors. Rangoli is famous part of this festival.

During diwali occasion in Orissa women make various rangoli patterns in front of doors of their house in welcoming of goddess Laxmi. They believed that rangoli attracts peace, harmony, health, wealth and fortune in their life. Overall ‘Ossa’ is a great art of women in Orissa.

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