Heena Designs

Henaa or Mehandi is well Known as a decorative and Charming cosmetic to make beautiful Various parts of body like hands, foots and Hairs etc. A Bride can’t have complete makeup or get ready without applying Mehandi designs over Hands And Feet’s, even it’s the First thing to start Makeup.

Their is a celebration of Mehandi Rasam in the marriage also in traditional Hindu families. In actual marriage is started by Mehandi Celebration in many kind of religions. It’s a unique symbol of a wedding women also. Widow women do not uses heena or Mehandi to decorate there palms.

Due to applying Mehandi or henna on any small or large cultural festival, Henna and Mehandi drawing is very famous today. Even many person make it profession completely. Tattoo design of Mehandi is famous now a day apart from the traditional designing of henna. Today henna designing is not just a hobby, it become a grand level business like other painters and professional designers.

Designing henna is very simple task. Actually it’s a art and it need creativity and good drawing hands to complete a good henna designs. Anybody can start heena designing at home by applying henna on self or to another member of family or friends.

Many kind of henna designing institute teach professional henna design. Henna is not only a decorative product, its have positive health effect too. It Make cool that place wherever it applies and also effect all the parts of body that connect to it.

Paste of Henna for applying is prepared with some other things that improve the quality of pure Henna or mehandi. Lemon juice, Strong tea water should mix into Henna for good color and quality. Make Paste using fresh water like toot paste that could be apply over the hands and foots.

Actually henna Mixture or Paste need 6 to 12 hour for better mix up and quality. Body parts should wash and clear by rose water. Various kind of designs like resist, shading, thick-paste, and cello wrap techniques could be used to apply the paste for better look. After that paste could be apply according to desired patterns. After taking several hours rest, one can remove Henna using normal water.

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