Make a Rangoli Using Flowers

A rangoli is made with many quality of colors. it can be made on the all festivals in India. Rangoli and kolams looks like very beautiful and made at ground on doorstep. It is good and famous art of women in India. when any guests comes on house first of all they watch good Rangoli design at doorstep, and it is a good sign. they became happy because the rangoli looks beautiful. many people uses flowers leafs and make it more beautiful. Rangoli are made on the ground with dry rise powder and colors.

Sometimes many colors are used in the making of rangoli designs, so it looks more beautiful. rangoli are made on the occasion of marriage, ghara pravesh, the time of pooja, and many good occasions at Indian culture. It is a very popular art of India women. colors are also uses which are made with flowers which is called as “Abeer” and “Gulaal”.

Color made by dry flower leafs have good fragrance, soft, and hygienic also. When Rangoli makings are on, at the time of final touch women uses leafs of rose, genda, and hajari to make borders and give them a good unique look.

Some of Flower Rangoli Designs:

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