Mahendi is a very popular thing, any one knows about it. Basically mahendi is a type of planet and leafs of this plant (dry powder) are used to color palms and hairs of women. Wedding or any type of holy occasion looks incomplete with out mehandi function Rasm.

people make mehendi’s designs on their body’s parts. mehendi powder is made with leafs of this Mehandi plants. some People also like to setup mehendi’s plants in there gardens.

it is very difficult art and thus adopted by Indian women. many designs of Mehandi in India are invented. Indian women and man uses mehendi on all the festivals, occasions and programs in there life. On the occasion of marriage we uses mehendi most of all.

The plant of mehendi founds in any palace of India. the mehendi is very important in our life because it fills colors in our life. Many company of mehendi powder and products in India are sold like as henna, mayuri, shagun and others. mehendi’s plant grows in the area of sojat Marwar of Rajasthan. we can find many photos, panting, books of mehendi designs to know some about Heena or Mehandi designs. We can get information about mehendi from T.V.,computer, internet, news papers and books also.

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