Mehandi Designs

Henna or mehndi is a plant that found across the country simply. It can live and grow in normal whether. Its leaves come into use to make henna or mehndi.

Leaves dried after picking up from the plant and make powder of it. This powder is used to make paste that could be used to apply and decorate the parts of body.

Mehndi designs has changed now a days. In old mehndi designs we can see that women applied mehndi over hands and feet without any blank spaces. Some women had designed geometrical and regular natural patterns. But today Mehandi designs is not only a hobby. It has converted into complete profession. it has its unique representation in the designs and painting market.

Mehndi – which make beautiful any kind of hand and parts of the body, is one of the cosmetic thing in the collection of girls accessories today. No occasion could be celebrated without applying mehndi over hands by the girls or women. It puts “four–moon “ in the beauty of them. Mehndi celebration is one of the unique and colorful celebration of any marriage. On this occasion woman’s of family and relatives apply mehndi over Bride and bless her for long married life.

Mehndi is not only one thing that applies over the parts of body. Its actually paste of Pure and well quality Henna, Strong tea water and Lemon Juice. tea water make color of henna some hard and lemon juice make chemical reaction to improve the paste quality.

This paste need 6 to 12 hour rest for better effect and color. After that paste could be applied over the hands and feet’s using triangle pot of polythin (“Kona”) with various designs and patterns. Thin and Hard design depends over the value of liquid into the paste.

Famous Mehandi designs includes peacock, Kalash, Flower, Leaves and invert Squire now a days . each and every designs has its unique value and applies together for better output. Modern designs include oil, stone and tattoo mehndi now a days. These designs need less hard work and give attractive look so modern girls prefer and try these designs for new and charming patterns. Zarsizi and Nail Painting are also famous now a days.

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