Rangoli is the Indian Way to Welcome the Guests

Rangoli is the Indian way to welcome guests and also the goddess Laxmi. It is the sign of purity and people believe that it makes the environment pure. It is believed that they represent the good luck and the good luck will follow you if you draw them in the festivals. This is the reason why many Indians draw them on each and every festival. It is a blend of our culture and the heritage. This is being taught to the new generation by the old as a part of the tradition. People love this art as a part of the tradition and even many people from outside the India love to know about this art.

Diwali Rangoli designs which complete every festival are of different type. They are of different patterns, sizes and shapes. They are dotted, free hand or anything else. That may be a beautiful peacock, any god, a tree, flower or anything that you like. You can draw this is the way you like to do. Colorful Diwali Rangoli designs are the representatives of your home beauty. Some are simple while some are very creative and innovative .You can also make these designs with the help of the flower petals. The delicate flower petals can look pretty. You can also keep this Rangoli for days and this is a natural way of drawing designs. Some people also draw these designs on streets to earn the money. These are very big designs of gods, human beings or anything else. You may also see such designs on the marriage venues or any other events like inauguration. They enhance the glory of the event. People believe that the goddess Laxmi comes in the place where the design is put up. These designs are made by using the powder, colors flour, colored rice or fresh flowers. They are also drawn for the good luck.

Some people draw them every day whether it is festival or not. They do not use colors and keep them simple white. These white designs also look good. Many people teach their children so that the tradition keeps on going from generation to generation. People also put lamps in between the designs so that they look more beautiful. So are you ready to welcome your guests in a nice way this festival. Then pick your colors up and be ready with the best designs. Now make your home look beautiful and be every one’s center of attraction. Let your home look better than all. It is the best chance for you to make use of all your creativity. You can draw small or big Rangoli after keeping in mind the size of our place. Though they are time-consuming, they will surely add beauty to your home. So now what are you waiting for? Make your home colorful this festival and let everyone know!






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