Rangoli Aroopn Patterns In Himachal Pradesh

Rangoli is one of the ancient arts of this fabulous country of India. The main purpose is decoration and welcome of god and goddess to their homes. Women often create them home. It is the human art which is made on various occasions, relating to the opportunity to adapt to these different customary art – are different.

Aroopn Patterns of  Himachal:

It brought the conformist colors used for arid or wet granulated rice powder

Aroopn Patterns

Aroopn Patterns

or vermilion or Roli or turmeric or dry flour and other ordinary colors are used but still in Rangoli also have begun to use substance dyes.

In Himachal Pradesh the floor painting art is known as the name of ‘Aroopn’. It is the most important part of the fairs and festivals of Himachal Pradesh. The people in Himachal love carnival and contribute in all the local festival and fairs with great enthusiasm. Most of the fairs and festivals are connected with the various recurring changes.

There are much legends connected with the commencement of each festivals. These fairs offer a clear sight into the lives, the attitude and the popular customs of the rural life in Himachal. Each area has its own succession of annual fairs which are linked with the chronological and sociological environment of that area. Rangoli is the very efficient manner to celebrate those seasonable festivals with the colorful patterns of Rangoli.

Rangoli is now becoming permanent part of the life of the people of some differ tribes of this state of India. It is the human art which has the great impact on the religious feelings of the people of Himachal Pradesh.

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