Beautiful Geometric Rangoli Patters

India is a country of art and culture. Versatility is what the country is known for. Rangoli making is an art which is commonly practiced in the country and many people from all over the world are attracted towards it.

Many rituals are used in India as a part of tradition and to satisfy the deities. Rangoli making art is one of them. It is believed that the designs are drawn to save your home from the evil powers and bring your home the harmony and the happiness. People draw these designs on the entrance so that the evil power will go out and good luck will enter the home. Rangoli is a holy ary that is being practiced aas a part of tradition all over the country. The word rangoli means the line of colors. The rangoli is made by putting this beautiful lines and colures in between the patterns. There are many names in the many states like Alpana in Bengal, Aripana, Madana, Chowkpurana or Kolam. Some people call that just rangoli.Some times it is also drawn on the walls and they can make your walls look very good.

If you want to make your home beautiful with these designs then you have to first see the geometrical patterns and find out which one can be the best for you. You can check out with the geometric rangoli patterns and then select the best one for you. The patterns may be lines in which the small thin lines are drawn or dots which are joined to make the designs. You can also use the squares, rectangles or triangle and make a beautiful combination of them. You can also draw animals like fish, elephant or birds like parrot and peacock. You can also draw Footprints and it is believed that these are the foot prints of goddess laxmi, the goddess of wealth and prosperity. You can also make use of Spirals, Trident, Conch shell, trees and leaves, etc. You can also make use of flowers design in you rangoli. You can also use kites, lamps design for your design. You can also use the X shape Rangoli. You can also make use of the rotational circles for your rangoli. You can make a beautiful blend all all the patterns that you like and make a wonderful design that everyone is going to like and admire for sure.

So do you want to make your home shine with the beautiful rangoli? Then make use of top geometric rangoli patterns and select the best pattern for your home. Make your home pure and let the evil power go away. Get the positive energy sweep into your home through the rangoli geometric patterns.





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