West Bengal Rangoli Designs

Rangoli Patterns of West Bengal

Rangoli is an exquisite and very famous traditional art of India. Rangoli is a human art which famous much more among female member of homes. West Bengal is a state of India which also popular for this human art ‘Rangoli’. In West Bengal rangoli is popular as a name of alpana or alpona. Rangoli in West Bengal is a spiritual feature of religious occasions. During Hindu festivals rangoli designs in West Bengal, people take it as a divine part of the occasion. Culcuta is capital of this state which also famous for festivals and rangoli making around the country. West Bengal is most famous for its beautiful traditional rangoli designs during auspicious celebration. People in the state celebrate various ritual occasion with joyous and happiness. Rangoli designs are a way to show their joyous and happiness. Rangoli is a colorful drawing of signs or images.

In West Bengal female member of houses draw various designs of rangoli according to theme of festival. Most famous themes are floral rangoli, animal rangoli, ritual sign rangoli, geometric rangoli, natural rangoli, bird rangoli, leaves rangoli etc. They use various elements to prepare delightful rangoli designs like various color powders, brush, pencil, geometric elements white powder, rice grains etc.

Diwali is one of the most celebrated festivals of West Bengal which is popular for lighting and rangoli. During this festival woman draw various rangoli patterns in front of their entrance of house and decorate it with diyas and lamps. Festival of Durga is another famous spiritual celebration of West Bengal which runs for nine days with rangoli designs and auspicious acts. There is a beautiful video of alpana or rangoli in West Bengal as follows.

Beautiful Video of Rangoli in West Bengal:

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