Alpana or Alpona Designs in Kolkata

Alpona Designs of  Kolkata India:

Rangoli is a famous traditional art of India. This human art of colored patterns is an ancient part of various states of India. Kolkata rangoli is also famous around the country. Kolkata formally known as Calcutta, It is a capital of West Bengal. Kolkata rangoli has a rich and vibrant culture of this art on various festivities and ritual occasion. Kolkata is also famous for its various auspicious occasions. Divine and spiritual occasion can not imagine without rangoli designs in Kolkata. In West Bengal rangoli is known or famous as a name of Alpana or Alpona. Alpona or alpana is a wonderful form of rangoli designs. In Kolkata women uses rice grains and white powder to draw rangoli patterns on floor or courtyards.

In Kolkata people celebrate numerous religious festivals through out the year. They celebrate various festivals like Raksha Bandhan, Navratri, Krishna Janmasthami and Diwali. During these all above festivals women makes various ritual and religious rangoli designs in front of doorsteps of houses. They draw various beautiful and melodious patterns of rangoli during those festivals. They draw these rangoli patterns according to aim or theme of festivity. During wedding celebration women also draw various religious signs like Swastika, deity images, religious designs at entrance of their house and walls. They celebrate their festivals and wedding celebration with dance, music and colorful rangoli patterns.

In Kolkata rangoli festival or alpona festival also observe each of year. During this festival people organize rangoli making competition. There is a very beautiful and charming video of Rangoli design in Kolkata as follows.

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