Swastika : Most Important Symbol in Hindus

Importance of Swastika in Hindu Culture :

The swastika is a Sanskrit word. Swastika is a cross with four arms of equal length and turned at 90 degrees. The dots are added between them each arm. Right-facing swastika is to sacred force. The swastika is a shape cross with four arms turned at right angles. It is used in Indian religions, in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. It is a symbol that represents Shakti .

Swastika : Photo credit: Flickr - vikasgnayak


The swastika has a powerful meaning. The swastika is powerful symbol. The image of the swastika was used by many cultures like in China, Japan, India, and Europe.

Swastika is very old symbol that is found in worldwide. It is mostly used in India. Swastika means good luck and health. The arms which are bent clockwise it means religious meanings.

The right hand swastika is 108 symbols of the god Vishnu and symbol of the sun (God Surya).The left hand swastika represents goddess Kali for black magic. This symbol is used in Buddhism.

Swastika symbol is mostly used in Hindu. It is used in art, architecture and decoration. It is used on temples, houses, doorways, clothing, and cars. It is most important part of the decoration for festivals and weddings. Swastika symbol plays an important role in our life, we used this symbol in every work, and we are going to start. It is good luck to our work.

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