Buddhist Eight Religious Signs

Buddhist Eight Religious Signs:

Buddhism is a great religion of the world. It is religion of Lord Buddha. It is believed that Lord Buddha lived around 6th century. During that time Buddha used to various religious symbols as teaching method of religious thoughts. They always used various signs or images for religious purpose. They developed eight symbols for ritual acts. That eight sings called as Buddhist eight sing or symbols. Each of sign or symbol has a ritual mean or thought of religious life. There is a brief narration of those eight signs as follows.

The Umbrella:

The sign of umbrella of Buddhist community give a massage to first of all we have to enter in Buddhism.

The Fish:

A symbol of the fish indicates harmony, peace and fearless life. It teaches that we have to live with harmony under the umbrella.

The Vase:

Vase is an image of a pot and this symbol indicates wealth of human features. It teaches us to be faithful and enjoy this inner power of human body, we have to study human feelings, practices for religious thoughts, work on moral discipline, sense of human feelings, sense of sham, work for good of human beings etc.

The Lotus:

Lotus symbol of Buddhist is an indicator of purity. According to this sign we have to always strive for purity with practicing Buddhism. We have not to be proud with inner or external power of human beings.

The conch shell:

The sing of conch shell indicates dharma. It teaches us to be positive with religious thoughts. We have to use religious path within goals of life.

The knot of eternity:

The knot of eternity is a symbol of omniscient wisdom. It teaches us to be believer or achiever of omniscient wisdom.

The victory banner:

The victory banner is another sign of Buddhist and it teaches us to be abandonment according to religion.

The Dharma Wheel:

The Dharma Wheel indicates or symbolized us to achieve both the victory banner and the knot of eternity as whole. Both of are uncommon quality of Lord Buddha. The dharma wheel is a sign of religion.

One of Eight Symbols of Buddhist:

eight signs buddhist

eight signs buddhist

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