What is Acrylic Rangoli


Rangoli is mostly known as Kolam. This is a very old folk art which is famous in India. Rangoli patterns are created on the floor, sand pits or even outdoors and the kind of materials which are used are coloured rice, flour which is dried, coloured sand or even dry petals.  Rangoli is created mostly during the festive season as it is believed that a good  Rangoli  at  the  welcoming  areas  of  the  deities  can  be  a blessing. With  passing  time,  there  are  various  kinds  of  Rangoli designs  which have come into  existence  with  the  use  of  various materials. One such popular kind is the all new Acrylic Rangoli.


Acrylic Rangoli has become very popular in recent generations as these designs can glow up events as they come in very attractive designs. Acrylic Rangoli is majorly a form of traditional Rajasthani and Guajarati art. Nowadays, there are many vendors who are practicing the modern art of Acrylic Rangoli.


Acrylic Rangoli designs are very often preferred at parties, weddings, marriage events etc. These are designed and made using various decorative items such as rhinestones, beads, kundans, pearls and various threads and etched over an acrylic sheet and painted with glass colors. These items are available in market in various sizes and also in various colours. Few vendors are marketing reusable Acrylic Rangoli designs also.


Purchases and usage of Acrylic Rangoli designs and patterns goes high during Diwali time as this festival is most auspicious to Indians. Acrylic Rangoli’s are mostly seen for home decoration by many and one can find them adorning the walls, tables, and especially Diyas. Acrylic Rangoli also makes for a good gift. These can be presented as gifts during Diwali or they also make excellent gifts for housewarming ceremonies.  If you have a creative edge to your imagination, you can try making one at home as this can be imitated pretty easily.


The advantages of Acrylic Rangoli are that they are ready to use and one can avoid the mess which is created by the use of colours when making a traditional floor Rangoli – this in turn saves time for the cleanup.  Most of these Acrylic Rangoli’s are also re-usable. When you’re done, just peel-up the Rangoli and this can again be reused at another event.


Proper care needs to be taken for maintenance of Acrylic Rangoli’s. Always remember to wipe the Rangoli after every use and use a soft cloth while wiping. Little moist or damp cloth can be used when cleaning the Rangoli’s which are placed outside in dusty surroundings. Make sure that the Rangoli is completely dry before packing it for reuse. Keep the Acrylic Rangoli’s away from kids as the tiny beads or pearls can cause choking hazards.


If you are looking to purchase an Acrylic Rangoli, there are various websites online which offer huge discounts on readymade Acrylic Rangoli’s. Gift them or use them for the decoration of your own house – they are sure to leave your guests enthralled!


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